Heart of Gold - News

10 July, 2008 Release 1.5: update of middleware (now also on public subversion repository), PET with new ERG, GG and JACY grammar versions, new modules (adapters) for RASP2, LingPipe, LoPar (with Whiteboard topoparser). Release notes in updated User and Developer Documentation. There is now also an Installation and Download Script (instructions inside and on Download page).

22 June, 2006 (post-Fefor release): update of middleware-src.tar.gz, middleware-lib.tar.gz, components-pet-german.tar.gz, components-pet-japanese.tar.gz

11 June, 2006 (Fefor release): update of middleware-lib.tar.gz, middleware-src.tar.gz, components-pet-binlib.tar.gz, components-pet-erg.tar.gz, components-pet-german.tar.gz, components-sprout.tar.gz: bugfixes, updated components and lingware, new features and modules

21 July, 2005: update of middleware-src.tar.gz: fix for hanging ChunkieModule; added rmrs2latex.xsl

20 June, 2005: update of middleware-src.tar.gz: speedup for ChunkieModule and TnTModule.

17 May, 2005: The Heart of Gold web page has been launched.