Author = {Uszkoreit, Hans and Callmeier, Ulrich and Eisele, Andreas and Sch{\"a}fer, Ulrich and Siegel, Melanie and Uszkoreit, Jakob},
	Title = {Hybrid Robust Deep and Shallow Semantic Processing for Creativity Support in Document Production},
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	Organization = {{\"O}GAI},
	Pages = {209-216},
	Address = {Vienna, Austria},
	Abstract = {The research performed in the DeepThought project (http://www.project-deepthought.net/) aims at demonstrating the potential of deep linguistic processing if added to existing shallow methods that ensure robustness.  Classical information retrieval is extended by high precision concept indexing and relation detection.  We use this approach to demonstrate the feasibility of three ambitious applications, one of which is a tool for creativity support in document production and collective brainstorming. This application is described in detail in this paper. Common to all three applications, and the basis for their development is a platform for integrated linguistic processing. This platform is based on a generic software architecture that combines multiple NLP components and on robust minimal recursive semantics (RMRS) as a uniform representation language.}