PET - Download

Please read the License.

PET comes as a gzip'ed source tarball you can find on the PET wiki page. The installation instructions are included and can be found in the top level directory after extraction. It comes with a configure script that should do the necessary adaptations to your local environment.

It was tested in various Linux environments as well as under Cygwin. Please note the prerequisites listed below. Any contributions to ports and increased portability are welcome as are bug reports, fixes, comments etc.!


Listed here are the prerequisites for compiling and running the current version of PET.

Optional Packages/Libraries for additional functionality

The installation of the following packages gives you additional functionality in PET, but is not needed to compile it.

Arbitrary Character Encodings ICU Library from IBM
XML input mode Apache Xerces C++ Library
MRS outputECL 0.9d or better and LKB

Available Grammars

These are grammars that were developed mostly with LKB and are working with PET

English Resource Grammar (ERG) ERG source (Stanford)
Japanese 'JACY' Grammar (DFKI) JACY source (DFKI)
Modern Greek Grammar (Saarland U.) Source (Saarland U.)

Documentation of the PET XML input chart format (by Bernd Kiefer)

PET info at DELPH-IN wiki